AGRI DIS® Water Irrigation


AGRI DIS® Water Irrigation


AGRI DIS® Water Irrigation


AGRI DIS® Water Irrigation


Irrigation water in contact with plants

It is a stimulator, by disinfection of the water used in agriculture and the healthy growth of plants.
Input usable in organic farming.
It is not a phytosanitary product.

Healthy water = healthy plant.

Benefits of using AGRI DIS® Water Irrigation for your agricultural water use

With the development of direct measurement equipment guaranteed.

Direct injection, dosing pump, tank mixing, etc.

Certification of ecological input without residues. No safety deadlines.

Maintenance of a crop free of pathogens of possible transmission or development through water.

Water from agricultural installations (clean maintenance of drippers, sprinklers, sulfated water), hydroponic systems, seedbeds, nurseries...

In people, food, facilities and environments.

Most significant characteristics

Technology with high-level certification

Highly certified product.


No microbiological resistance to bacteria, viruses, fungi, larvae, spores and algae.

Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores...

Control and elimination of biofilm and biofouling.

no waste certification

Certified that no waste or by-products are generated.

Certified for non-irritation of skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

It does not transmit odor or taste to the products in contact.

Development of measurement equipment for treatment control

Biocide based on pure and stable Dioxygen Chloride.

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